Lean Transformation

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Lean Transformation

Chris Turner designed and develop the Lean Manufacturing Coach website to be an integral part of our parent company which is Radical Transformation LLC , it is a premier Lean training and consulting business. Our goal is to deliver excellent service and results to our clients. As part of the Radical Transformation team, we have access to a full spectrum of Lean training modules that can fit any size or type of business. Our learning system is capable of transferring the knowledge and skills to employees at any level of development, in any organization. Our clients have the option of our online and/or onsite Lean training services.

What is Lean Training?

Lean training is a process where people learn about the principles that were developed, and then tried and tested at the Toyota Motor Company. Today, these principles are known collectively as the Toyota Production System (TPS). The philosophy behind these core principles is focused on creating value for the customer by identifying and eliminating waste that is hidden inside business processes. This unseen waste phenomenon is known as “The Hidden Factory.”

How Do Customers Define Value?

Value is the delivery of a defined service to fulfill the needs of a customer in exchange for money. A customer’s need is satisfied when the deliverables fulfill their need successfully. There are three requirements that must be met for an activity to be defined as adding value for a customer:

  1. The activity must be capable of generating a product or service right the first time.
  2. The activity must change the fit, form or function of the product or service.
  3. The activity must be something the customer is willing to pay for.

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